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Solar Crystals 40#
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Created through sun, wind and lots of time. Imagine the peace and quiet listening to lapping waves, as the sun and wind gently evaporate the water over five years until the salt crop is ready to harvest. When used in your water softener, Solar Naturals removes several hard minerals from your water, including iron, calcium, magnesium, and even barium. After our water conditioning product removes hard minerals, you have soft, bright towels to wrap around your family, shiny dishes that can be used even with your most critical guests, and longer pipe and appliance life helping you save money to spend on something more fun. We know the advanced science of how NaCl interacts within a water softener. A truly brilliant formula: Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Salt in, SOFT WATER out. Our bags are made of 50% recycled material. NSF certified, these crystals are recommended for side-by-side softeners.

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